Winner, Winner.. Chicken Dinner? Ah – No.. How ’bout Prime Rib?

Russell eMini, Crude Oil Futures, EURUSD, GBPUSD, EURJPY, JPM, SU, Goog, etc., winner, winner, winner, winner.. and actually, more winners!  We’ll be eating prime rib, lobster, whatever your favorite dinner is, for a good long time.  Today, and forgive me if I’m sounding like a broken record but it really is what happened — again, we had strong gains across the board.  Forex, futures, stocks, ETF’s options.. You name it, we were winning at it. 

SST is a style of trading, as we discussed today during the live demo and it is a style that continues to put the edge on our side while it continues to fatten our trade accounts and line our pockets.  We could have sold a lot of systems today during the demo.  But we didn’t.  Why?  Because we want you to be sure!  We want to give you a good, thorough look.  If you haven’t reviewed the matieral on this blog yet, now would be a great time to check it out.  What you’ll find is that we’ve been eating prime rib and lobster for a good long time.  The SST continues to do what it does and as SST Traders, we continue to suck out profits from the market.  Like a great big Hoover vacuum. 

The SST will be available very, very soon.  I’m being told, like — anytime, soon.  Please make sure you are ready to make the investment.  And you can be sure that we will be offering a very compelling package.  In typical NetPicks style, you can be sure that we will sweeten the deal so that you have everything you need and then some, to be successfu with the SST.  In the meantime, check out what we did today:

EURUSD; + 104 Pips (many other forex markets were winners today too)

Crude Oil Futures; + 1.02 for $1,020

Russell eMini; + .9 for $90.  The Russell eMini is on a 4 session winning streak, winning +17.1 points or $1,710 since Wednesday of last week.  We are currently sitting a mere 6 points beneath our all time profit levels since last April, 2010.  Look to see this dynamic market breakout and run to all new ‘nose bleed’ profit levels before too long.  That’s just what it does.  (The other main eMinis were big winners today, too.  NQ, YM and ES.)

There were lots of stock and ETF gains today too.  Over the weekend I posted an example video using a JPM “GetBob” trade I’m currently in.  Today, it reached down and hit its full 3rd target.  Then it pulled back.  Utilizing our standard SST trailing stop technique, I was able to lock in profit on the trailing (and final) part of my position.  The price came up and missed stopping me out by just 4 ticks.  It has since worked its way lower and I still holding, potentially in a position for a larger gain.  Even if I stop out it won’t matter.  I made 36% gains on my earier position.  I made even larger gains when I hit the 3rd target today.  I’ve got guaranteed profit and a risk free trade on the remainder of my position.  This is classic SST trading, taking advantage of our exciting new setup, the Get Back on Board trade.  Check it out!

Suncor (SU) gains 27% and 84% on its last trade with simple May 42 Puts in five days.  The trade closed out today and I’m now keeping my eyes open for a GetBob that just might still happen. 

Google is a stock that is just about out of reach to most traders.  But you can control 100 shares of stock valued at $52,000 (at the time of this post) for the price of just $5800 (at the time of my May 530 puts on Friday the 13th).  That’s like 10 cents on the dollar!  I closed out my position today using a 130 minute chart at the middle target for a 48% return on investment, just from Friday to Monday!  That is classic SST trading using straight puts and calls from the underlying stock charts.  EASY!!!  48% gain in just 2 sessions, with 100 shares of stock that is way out of my reach!  But no!  It is not only in my reach, it was in my hands and now I’ve converted it to a huge double digit gain.  That’s how we prosper as SST Traders!! 

Incidentally, I only traded one position going into the weekend with a put option that was close to expiration.  A longer term June put would still be in the trade as the trailing stop is still going.  Since it was a May put and would be expiring shortly, I was happy to pay a lower price, snag the quick profit, and be happy with that.

I can go on and on.  There are just too many profitable SST opportunities to show in any one post.    Rest assured I’ll keep them coming though.  Also rest assured that the SST will be available soon.  Very soon!  🙂 And, to keep my waste line from following our Russell eMini results, I’ve decided that instead of prime rib, I’ll be hanging out at my favorite sushi bar for a while.

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