Wheat Futures Grab +20.5 Points; $1050 in FIVE Minutes of Trading This Morning!!

This is why we love Wheat Futures..  Today was the perfect session.  It was choppy across the board on other markets, although we were able to quit positive on the Russell with +1.9, Crude Futures with just +.01, and the EJ using SSTS with about +20 pips (trade still going).  EURUSD we pretty much stayed away from due to the huge move during the Euro Session, but it ended flat on the session. 

Wheat futures really came through for us though, hitting on all cylinders like a dragster flying down the track.  We were able to spot the trades as they were setting up, get our entries in, and before we had time to think, we were flying past the finish line with +20.5 points in 5 minutes.  At $50 per point, the basic SST strategy locked in $1,050 and we were done, shutting it down..  See ya tomorrow.

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