Wheat Futures and EURUSD Hit All New Profit Levels with SST Today

Despite tough trading in front of this week’s NFP (Non-Farm Payroll) report this Friday, we are slugging it out and winning the war.  Anyone following our traderoom results would know that EURUSD racked up nearly +3000 pips last year, August thru the end of the year when we converted our traderoom to a signal service and started keeping official track of the US Session trades. 

You would also know that the first couple weeks we hit a one step back and have been fighting our way back ever since.  The fact is, that from our lowest point this year at the end of the 2nd week in January, we have fought our way back over +500 pips and are now up +130 pips for the year and all new record profit levels.  I realize that +130 pips isn’t the greatest result.  But we have to keep things in persprective.  Markets do what they do and all trade methods will slump from time to time.  The fact is though, we just got over the +3000 pip level.  The reason why is because of our patient and tight trade management rules and by sticking with the plan.  We have had a lot of 1 pip/breakeven trades this year which has kept us close to our equity highs. 

seem to have been half a step behind these past couple months, missing a lot of winning trades that triggered in earlier than our US start time.  Our patient style has kept us in the game though and we have climbed back on top, showing the resiliency of this SST Tradeplan once again.

EURUSD 2012 Equity Curve (US Session)

Wheat Futures have also continued to be stellar for us.  It is on a +40 point winning streak, winning the last 6 trades in a row.  It broke to all new profit levels again today for +96.3 points gained in 2012.  All of this with 30 minutes of trading or less, per day.  Today we hit a larger runner for +12.75 points.

See Today’s Wheat Trade

See Equity Curve for Wheat 2012

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