What SST Users Are Saying

You’ve seen the amazing results in the posts we’ve shared with you in the past, and we could go on about how powerful the SST is, but it especially helps to hear it from our own satisfied traders.

Here’s what Greg Wummer had to say about the Seven Summits Trader after hands-on experience:

“This system looks more awesome than any I’ve seen or tried before. It looks like the system let us use our minds and trading skills to make the final trading decisions.

What has been killing my trading is that I get into a lot of good trades, but then I get out way too soon and let a ton of profits on ther table. Or I turn a winning trade into a losing trade. I came after the SST because I think this will remove a lot of the subjectivity that has been really hurting me. So thanks for teaching us what you’ve learned and experienced in your own trading.

We’re happy that you’re satisfied Greg, and keep up the good work!

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2 Responses to What SST Users Are Saying

  1. nigel brittain says:

    hi there whats the difference between the sst and ust as both look quite similar

    • CoachRon says:

      They are night and day. SST can be used for Day and Swing Trading, while UST is just for Swing Trading. They don’t use any of the same indicaotors and the SST Calculator has built in scaling and trailing a feature that UST does not have. UST has fixed targets and stops and SST the stop moves quickly to reduce risk on a trade. Those are just a few differences.

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