What SST Traders Are Saying (SST Testimonials)

Just catch these awesome testimonials from our current Seven Summits Trader Owners…

“I really love the SST. I have been trading other systems in the past and the SST has overwhelmingly surpassed these systems. In fact, I now earn in two business days what used to take me 5-7 business days to achieve. The biggest plus for me is I finally can trust a system. Thanks!”

-Frank Auerbach

Hi TJ, i got the SST last Monday and have installed everything in Tradestation.  I really like the way the charts look!  very visual and clear setups ( what you see is what you trade )  its a BIG improvement over HVMM.   i think the SST is much easier to trade than HVMM and also has less subjectivity and complexity.
iam watching all the training DVD’s now and follow along looking at my charts to see many examples of the various trade setups. i think i have made the right choise to get the SST ( before i had sworn that the HVMM system was the LAST system i would ever buy !!! )
Jon Zeiniger and Suzanne McWilliams recommended the SST from the start, they both love it very much.  Suzanne has traded the EC for over 14 months now ( She traded it on advanced tactics and did very well, now she uses the SST and will never look back 🙂  same for Jon, he traded CL on the core system successfully before he switched to SST.  so many success stories.  iam a BIG sceptic my nature, but ‘sofar’ the only regret i have is that i did not buy the SST system at the first release!! i would be SO much further ahead now!
thanks for creating this System and share your success with us!!! 
Happy newyears eve with your family and see you in the room on Monday Jan 3rd.
Kind regards,
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