Russell eMini Trading has Never Been Better!

Here’s a follow up video taking a look at some more trades called real time in our live futures trade room, with the Russell eMini.

Notice how easy the setups print on the chart, clearly marking our entries and targets. It makes trading so easy when you can see the full setup printed right on the chart. Moreover, we’ve built in a very powerful feature that actually tracks a trailing stop.

The SST takes advantage of high percentage fixed targets and also allows us to hit the ball out of the park with a trailing stop. It also gives you an extra dimension where you can actually add to your positions as the trade progresses.

This video demonstrates all these elements and in just a few simple trades, we’re able to finish with +6 Russell points in an hour’s worth of trading. We made well over $2000 just in the last few sessions alone.

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2 Responses to Russell eMini Trading has Never Been Better!

  1. Willie Odom says:

    Will there be more Ninja examples on the new SST system…..

    • CoachTJ says:

      Thank you for your reply. Ninja Trader is definitely one of the platforms that SST will work with. I’m not sure if we’ll show examples of the SST with NT though since we all are using Tradestation.

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