+13 points = over $1,300.00 in just UNDER 1 Hour!

The Russell eMini is a great trading futures market and we are seeing very consistent results with the SST. Here’s a look at some trades that were called live in our futures traderoom…

The spirit of the Seven Summits Trader is to get us in a risk free trade as quickly as possible. This video demonstrates how we cut risk or eliminate it altogether. The system does a great job of avoiding a lot of the whip saw that can happen, and then getting us into a breakout move. We also incorporate a 3 bar stop technique and are able to pick up extra profit.

Another important aspect to successful trading is covered in great detail, adjusting around key levels. We made a small adjustment on one trade and were able to pick up a huge home run trade with our 3 bar stop technique, for over +10 points. See the SST’s trailing stop tool in action as we end our session in about an hour’s time with over +13 points on the session, over $1,300.00! We’ll also follow up and look at what happened today on the EURJPY forex cross…

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10 Responses to +13 points = over $1,300.00 in just UNDER 1 Hour!

  1. wilson lathrop says:

    This sounds interesting, i trade forex.

  2. Hawk says:

    Looks like Fib extension tool, have you back tested this approach? What is the W/L ratio?

    • CoachTJ says:

      Thanks for the comment and question, Hawk. Definitely it is not a fib extension tool. We have lots of backtesting and real trades too. Hard to give a blanket win loss ratio since there are so many markets and timeframes. But we are seeing a nifty 65 to 75% win rate. I can tell you from the live Russell eMini trades called in our Futures Trade Room that we’ve maintained a 68% win rate over 500 trades. We’ve posted about 250 net points and have won 15 out of 17 weeks. Many of those trades only gained a tick or two though since the system has built within it, an aggressive trade management plan that puts us in risk free trades quickly. So we take a lot of 1 tick/BE trades which does affect the win loss ration. It’s not the only way to trade the system but it is how we do it in the trade room with the Russell eMini, which has a Dr. Jeckyl/Mr. Hyde personality. We just made fresh equity highs again, this week. Other markets are showing similar if not better results.

  3. mars ramirez says:

    Is this auto trading?

  4. Archie Howell, Sr. says:

    I like what I see.

  5. donald gundrum says:

    Please advise me with respect to your software regarding trading the QQQQ
    Thank you
    Donald Gundrum

    • CoachTJ says:

      The QQQQ and the NQ eMini are both very dynamic markets and the SST will work great with both. I will try to get a video or at least some screen shots of the most current trades in those markets. As far as advice regarding the SST, I think you want to make sure you are registered for our release event webinar which will be taking place 24th of this month.

  6. Anthony Uzendu says:

    Thank you very much. I will give it a trial as soon as possible and give you a feed back which I hope will be positive.

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