Up and Down Day Leads to Handsome Profits; Crude Oil Futures Gain +1.92, etc..

Crude Oil Futures put in a 6th stellar performance in a row, gaining a huge +1.92 for $1,920 using the standard tradeplan as published on the SST Owner’s Club.  Today’s up and down action rang the cash register today, with very disciplined SST trading across multiple markets.  Yesterday, Crude Futures gained + 1.16 and we are already up +3.08 for the week!!  That’s after gaining + 3.14 last week.  The last six sessions Crude Futures have gained + 1.17, + .50, + 1.37, + .96, + 1.16 and + 1.92.  You gotta love the SST..  You gotta love the SST..

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The Russell eMini continues to frustrate after giving us a parabolic rise in our equity curve over the past few months.  Tough sessions will appear inside of great results no matter what market or method you use.  We know this.  Today, power of quitting traders were able to quit mildly positive for + 2 points.  The first two trades were only able to grab a single tick which led us to third trade that hit full target.  It was a very small trade though and only managed to get us + 1.6 with our two position approach.  Not surprisingly, it was a GetBob (Get Back on Board) trade.

Forex traders were happy, too.  The EURJPY has been the star this week, so far.  Yesterday, we won two our of three for a modest +24 pips.  Today, we hit a nice long winner for +47 pips and then broke even on a 2nd trade.  After spread we actually lost a few pips.  Net result today was + 43.

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EURUSD didn’t give us a trade yesterday.  Prior to our start time, it had launched on a huge rally.  We don’t chase markets and were unable to get a setup.  Today, we adjusted our entry and got into a long trade which stopped out for a small loss, – 3 pips per position.  I called a late session trade and SST Traders were able to self manage their positions for a nice pop in price which led to a full target.  The trailer got out 2 pips lower, for an end result of + 46 pips on the session.

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Wheat Futures continue to dazzle us.  After last week’s amazing run, which gained + 31.75 points ($50 per point), we had two more positive sessions.  Yesterday we ended with + 1.25 and today we ended with + 5 points.  Believe it or not, this market does have losing sessions.  We just haven’t seen one for  a long time!

I never seem to be able to recap all the stock, etf and options trades we have been taking.  Today, we got into a long GLD (Gold ETF), and ended on a high note, nicely profitable.  Sept 171 calls are already up 15% and the trade is just beginning to develop.  We are also long a number of other names, including SLV (iShares Silver Trust ETF).  If you are interested in learning more, well.. you can try out a free trial in the LIVE Traderoom where we trade crude oil futures and all the above markets as well as cover stock, etf and option swingtrades.  Take a free look!


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