Got 40 Minutes? Win with the eMini!

Watch how Coach Ron shows you what you can do with 40 minutes on the eMini Futures market!

2 wins and done for 12 points. Not bad, eh? See how we did it here:

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  1. CoachTJ says:

    Great work Ron! I thought I would leave a quick comment to update our progress with the Russell emini and the SST. I’ll write a more thorough post shortly. I just updated my trade records combining the 2011 TF trades so far, with all the trades from April 2010 to the end of last year. So far, the running tally has produced over 1100 trades, over 500 net points per the two position ‘out of the box’ SST approach and a solid 67.3% winning percentage. We are just barely below our all time profit levels and I am looking to break out to new equity highs before too long. I’ll post an equity curve to reflect all these trades and another of just the 2011 trades as soon as I have some extra time. — TJ

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