Three New Exciting ETF Tradeplans Added Today to the SST Owner’s Club

Junk Bonds?  Really?  Well, why not.  Bars on a chart with buyers and sellers.  Who cares.  If the price moves, we’re interested.  Bond ETFs can be excellent moving charts and the JNK is a great example.  This new tradeplan has excellent stats, too.  The average winning trade made $1.78 while the avg losing trade only lose .62.  Not only that, since 2007 this tradeplan has won 73% of the time and sports a whopping +7.53 profit factor.  SST Pro End of Day Stock and ETF Swingtrade Plans are powerful and our collection is growing.  (The equity curves shown below represent 3 positions trading a single share each). 

JNK Equity Curve

I also added another single country fund, EPI, the Wisdom Tree India Earnings ETF and the DBC, a Commodilty Tracking ETF.  All three trade with large volume; millions of shares traded daily.  We can make double and triple percentage gains by simply trading slightly in the money calls and puts using the SST Pro as our guide on each of these daily charts.

EPI Equity Curve

DBC Equity Curve

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