The Russell eMini & Crude Oil Futures Simply will NOT be Stopped..

The Russell eMini and Crude Oil futures, two of our ‘proxy’ markets, have been putting on a real tour de force this week.  But actually, that’s what they have been doing since day one.  Not that our forex and stock trades haven’t also been on fire.  They have.  Swing trading those markets has been very profitable.  Daytrading forex too.  But forex is slow sometimes whereas our futures trades really get it done for us, quickly, efficiently and dependably. 

We’ve hit all time record profit levels with the Russell eMini nearly every day over the past 5 sessions.  IN fact, the Russell eMini is enjoying another solid 6 session winning streak.  Crude too.  Crude is posting huge gains nearly every single day.  Best of all, it’s with minimal effort and trade time.  Yesterday, crude went 2 for 3 and gained .80 for $800.  Today, same thing.  It went 2 for 2 and within 30 minutes, posted another .68 for $680.  Two sessions, 5 trades, 4 winners, and we’re up $1480 less some minor trade costs.  Commissions for trading crude futures (or the Russell eMini), including fees, are a mere $5.40 round turn per position.  Compare that to the very best spread scenario for a forex trade.  Even a 1 pip spread, if you can get it, would cost you $10 per single full size lot, $20 per two position SST trade.  Hmmm….  Should cause our forex traders to think.

Of course, if you’re swing trading, the spread is a much smaller percentage of the trade, but daytraders should really take note.

Yesterday’s Russell eMini Trades; Today the Russell eMini gained +5.3 points for $530 for new record profit levels.

Today’s Russell eMini Trades; Today the Russell eMini quickly gained +2.8 on its first trade of the session.  It was only able to eek out marginal gains on its subsequent trades but that was enough for us to quit with our goals and +3.2 points, $320, AND new all time profit levels again.

Current Russell eMini Equity Curve for 2011 Trades; This is the big picture story.  The Russell eMini has been on an upward climb since the first day we introduced the SST in our live traderoom.  With over 1700 trades now, there is not even a hint that this won’t continue.

Yesterday’s Crude Oil Trades; + .80 for $800; done in about an hour or so..

No matter what market you trade, forex, stocks, ETFs, gold futures, grains, etc., everyone can learn something from the above crude oil futures and Russell eMini examples which are an ongoing testimony of the effect of trading a well researched and clearly defined tradeplan.

Today’s Crude Oil Trades; + .68 for $680; done in about 30 minutes

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