The Power of the “Risk Free” Trade

On behalf of the entire NetPicks staff, I’d like to extend a big warm welcome to our newest SST Members.  I can imagine how excited you must be to get started.  It’s a very exciting time to be trading and we’ve been achieving profitable results across numerous markets, today included.  The SST is easy to learn.  You will be up and running in no time.  Remember though, repetition is the key.  Make sure to take advantage of the live traderoom which is available to you as soon as you become a member.

If you’re still on the fence or trying to make up your mind, it is still not too late to get some of the ‘fast start’ bonuses that we are offering.  These bonuses alone are well worth the price of admission.  The SST won’t be available for long and for sure, the fast start bonuses will be gone real quick, so take the plunge, invest in yourself, and we’ll see you in the live trade room as early as this week.  Remember, there is no risk to you.  The SST comes with a 45 day guarantee.

One of the things we are focusing on in our SST Owner’s Club, is the ‘Risk Free’ trade.  This is an important element to SST trading.  Here are a couple of examples that show how it worked for us today and helped us achieve our goals and quit with positive results. 

EURUSD; Today was a modestly profitable day with a full winner and a 1 pip gainer to give us our “Power of Quitting” goals for the session.  We gained + 29 pips after spread in about 1.5 hours.  Even though the 2nd trade only gained one pip, in essence, a break even trade, we still consider that a positive result, since the first trade hit its full target.  Remember, we don’t want to force ‘our will’ on the market.  Our consistent winning approach to trading has us taking what the market ‘wants to give us.’  The 2nd trade incorporated our aggressive “risk free” approach and got us out of the trade just in time to avoid a loss.  We’ll take the +29 pips today knowing that on another session, we’ll knock the ball out of the park.

Crude Oil Futures ended with Power of Quitting too.  Check out this series of trades that helped get us there.  Notice how the stop worked to put each trade in a risk free, or close to risk free trade.  As the market continued to head lower, we were able to get ‘re-entry’ setups that ultimately gave us a big +.91 winner, which was a $910 trade.

We see this type of dynamic all the time.  The important thing is to be patient and disciplined with the approach.  I’ll be doing some video walk-thrus over the next few days so make sure to check back.

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