The Importance of Actually KNOWING your Tradeplan

I want to share with you something that happened yesterday in our SST Traderoom.  It brought to light just how important it is to go through the process of really learning what you are doing before committing real money. 

There is a step by step process that one can go through to build the proper foundation and assure that one is in the absolute BEST position to succeed as a trader.  It’s what we teach all the time to our members.  Anything short of being in that best position for success usually proves to be not good enough and leads to losses. 

I have often written about how one’s trading should be as instinctive, reflexive and as fluid as riding a bicycle.  If you see a pot hole in the road, you don’t have time to think about whether or not you should swerve around it.  You just do it.  Your trading should be just like that.

We use powerful tools like the SST to help us achieve that level of reflex and fluidity in our moment to moment market decisions.  The trade is right there in front of you.  We even have tools that help us preempt the setup and to see it coming before it happens.  It’s all there for us. 

The rest, however, is up to us as traders.  It is OUR job to actually LEARN the tradeplan.   Markets are forever challenging and there are subtleties that exist.  Nuances are what they are but they are not there just for the sake of being clever.  No!  They are part of a particular tradeplan because they actually help the tradeplan be more profitable.  It is the traders job to learn them well and to get to the point where you don’t have to think about it.  You just do it.  Like the old Nike/Michael Jordan slogan.  Just do it!  If you are not at that point where you can ‘just do it,’ that’s ok.  You will get there.  BUT, keep your money in your pocket and out of harm’s way.  Otherwise, you will just lose it.  Even the best tradesystem will lead to losses in the hands of an illprepared trader.

There is excellence and there is everything less than that.  Given the choice between excellence and mediocrity, whereas excellence IS a viable option, HOW can ANYONE settle for mediocrity?  Think about it.

While you are thinking about it, and hopefully doing some self examination to figure out if YOU are choosing excellence (or not), here’s a short video walk through that covers the critical importance of really knowing your tradeplan and then, just doing it.

Play Video

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