The Collection of End of Day ETF Tradeplans for the SST Pro is Rapidly Growing with Many More Good Ones on the Way!!

To say that I’m on a roll would be a gross understatement.  I’ve always known that the SST Pro offers an endless world of opportunities as an End of Day Swingtrade Strategy with Stocks, Options, Futures and Forex.  I have a huge list of names of high volume ETFs right now that ALL are showing great potential.  Earlier today I added a real good one, the EFA iShares MSCI Index Trust. 

Later this afternoon, I came up with another rock solid Tradeplan for the HYG, iBoxx $ High Yield Corporate Bond Fund ETF.  Both these ETFs are high volume and trade in the millions of shares each day.  The slightly in the money options are very cheap too, often less than $300!  Keep in mind that would represent the absolute worst case emergency scenario.  The fact is, I have never seen an SST Pro End of Day Swingtrade with options lose its entire value.  If you buy your options as recommended, .70 or better deltas and at least 60 days of time, you will always be able to sell them back and capture some refund value, even if the trade loses.  This is such a great way to trade.  Since they are end of day charts, you don’t have to worry about the pattern daytrader minimum account size of $25,000 either.  Just check your charts once per day and get outta the way!  Traders are typically their own worst enemies but with the SST Pro and the new high flying End of Day Swingtrade Plans, you can easily solve that problem by just spending a few minutes per day to check your charts and then just manage your trades by following the dots. 

The HYG has won 86% of it’s SST Pro trades per this tradeplan since the day of its inception back in 2009.  This is definitely a symbol you’re going to want to add to your swingtrade portfolio of trades.  In fact, the list of SST Pro end of day tradeplans is growing and each one is worthy of your attention.  If you haven’t checked them out yet, then you should.

Here’s a hint of what you can expect with these high flying end of day tradeplans.  These reports and equity curves are based on just 1 share per position.  Options traders can expect double and triple digit percentage gains on average, per trade.  Look forward to the list of high performing end of day Stock and ETF tradeplans to continue growing.

HYG Equity Curve

HYG Performace Report

EFA Equity Curve

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