Thanks TJ, you made me $1400 this morning on 3 options trades you called!

Many of you know me, I call the trade room and have been a coach and trader with Netpicks for many many years. We are all traders and we have a free trial to our live room. Well today, before the open, TJ showed us 5 stocks and gave us some options trades. I put them and 3 of them filled. I sold them out to be flat for the weekend, and I am sure that I will leave a lot of money on the table. I just wanted to remind you how, powerfull this system is and that whatever you are trading, most days you will pay for the system after a few trades….don’t believe us, come join the trial! This is a room of traders for traders!
Thanks again TJ, I have not been doing much on the stock and option front, but now it is a daily scan. Everyone post, if you took some of these trades as well in the comments. Have a profitable weekend.
Coach Ron

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