Strong Week of Wheat Futures Trading; See Video of Today’s Live Trades

August is always a challenge but today ended strong for several markets.  EURUSD and AUDJPY ended with strong winners today.  The Russell fought back to end positive too, for the session and the week.  Today’s post is all about Wheat Futures, though. 

  • Wheat Ends Session in 15 Minutes with +11.50 Points; + $575 with new Dec Contract
  • Wheat Finishes the Weed with +25.50 Points for $1275.00
    • 12 Trades for the week; 9 winners and 3 losses
    • We only trade Wheat Futures for 30 Minutes per day or Less..  (Unless we’re in a winning trade of course, in which case we will continue to hold it until it finishes.)

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