Stock Market Slaughter? Who Cares. We’re Still Profiting!

“Stock Market Slaughter” – MarketWatch
“Nightmare on Wall Street” – CNBC
“Downgrade Ignites Global Selloff” – Wall Street Journal

Headlines sound familiar? While the DOW plunged over 600 points yesterday (sharpest one-day decline since 2008), we were sitting pretty with the Seven Summits Trader. Check this out:

EURJPY = 2 quick wins for 90 pips
Russell Emini = almost 24 Points in TWO (!) trade, done in 40 minutes
EURUSD = Scooped 150 pips as the market did its thing

The thing is, we don’t have to ‘anticipate’ where the market is going – no analysis, no educated guesses… because the SST software does all of that for us. So we DON’T CARE if the market goes crazy, diving 600 points (swinging up 600 points, for that matter!). We rely on the system to actually USE the volatility and make safe, consistent profits regardless of where the market is going. Refreshing, after hearing about the doom and gloom this week, right?

These days you’re INSANE to ‘buy and hold’ – NO ONE can predict the future (no- not even us!)… but with a dependable trading system like the SST, it literally *doesn’t matter* because we make our money off market ACTION, not market direction.

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