$1,900.00 today! Thanks Crude Oil :)

We saw a slew of great trades and great trading markets over the past couple days as we stepped through a live demo of the soon to be released, Seven Summits Trader (SST).  Here is a video walking through the Russell eMini trades.  We ended the demo before the morning session had finished.  After a couple near misses and a few small losses, the TF fought its way back getting to a break even result and a nice, if not somewhat modest +7 point finish to the week.  It did break out to all time equity highs though and has a +16 point net over the past two weeks.  Here’s a video recapping the action.

Play TF Video

Russell pm session trades, puts the day nicely positive and adds considerably to the weeky total.  Treating the pm session as a separate session, with its own poq goals typically will improve the overall daily results on a very consistent basis.  Today was no different.  Check out today’s pm Russell trades.

Russell Evening Session Trades:

Crude oil continues to be an amazing market to trade.  Today was incredibly profitable as was the entire week.

Crude Oil Futures:

There were many more markets that finished great today and for the week.  Make sure you have entered yourself for a chance to win a free SST on our facebook page.  Then make sure you have registered for our big SST Release Event, this Tuesday, Oct. 12th.

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