Google Stock picks up +129 Points!

SST is incredible trading stocks.  We are seeing amazing profits across numerous markets and timeframes.  Options traders can gain huge percentage returns by trading calls and puts against the underlying stock signals that SST provides.  Take Google for instance.  Not too many people I know can put on a 1000 share Google position.  Even 100 shares is beyond most people.  Yet it remains a great stock to trade.  The easy solution is to trade options instead.  Use the SST entries, targets and stops to guide your options trading.  Check out this screen shot of some recent Google swing trades using the very effective 195 minute time frame.

Click on SST Screenshot of Recent Google Swing Trades

Midway thru June, there was a basic short trade that picked up +51 points. Imagine how profitable from a percentage basis a put option would have been. Then, in early July, we had the classic SST style trade with a reversal long and then the chance to scale in another position. All in all, the trade picked up +77.62. Call options could have been traded to hit the homerun trade. Two stock swing trades in less than a month grab nearly +129 points. We are seeing this type of action on lots of issues. Stay tuned for more.

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