We Love Apple (AAPL)! +33.74 Per Share Profit

This short term swing QQQQ trade was called in our VIP Club just a few days ago.  It closed out two days ago with a +10.08 per share gain!

QQQQ Trade

AAPL just finished a hugely profitable trade, with a +33.74 per share profit!!  We just called a new long trade that triggered in and already zoomed to full target for another +4.14 per share.  Part of our position is still going though as we have just initiated our trailing stop strategy for the remainder of our position.  Options traders are very happy too, with a big Cha-Ching, ringing yet again!  As of the screen shot below, the target had just been reached and the trailer is now in a risk free position.


Here’s a current example a super profitable trade in the XLF, a popular Financial ETF.  This trade is traded on a 195 minute bar which is is 2 price bars per day.  The trade began on 8/31.  The following day we added to our position.  We exited both positions at their high percentage fixed targets and then picked up quite a bit more with the remainder of our positions, taking advanantage of our highly effective trailing stop strategies.  The entire position netted +2.82 per share which is a 21% gain, based on the entry price from the original position.  Imagine what the net result would have been with well selected call options from a percentage basis.  Huge!  This trade exited two days ago, on Sept. 14th.


This is just a sample of the enormous and plentiful opportunities in the world of stocks, ETFs and options.  We have seen how powerful the SST is with Futures and Forex but Stocks, ETFs and Options could be the real story waiting to be told.

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