SST Putting on a Show with the Russell eMini

No it’s not the Russell eMini show but it sure seems that way these days.  Actually, its more like the ongoing saga with the ever growing happy plot line, or in our case, equity line, moving upwards and to the right.  It seemed like just the other day that I was writing about how we just broke the 200 point level for the first time this year.  Well, that very same 200 point level has become a dot in the rear view mirror because the story line is quickly marching forward with the big 300 point level coming in to focus.  Today we came to within 3 ticks of 230 points as we watched our overall winning percentage tick a full point higher to 68% for 2010!  Moreover, we are holding strong with a 79.7% session win rate and a weekly win rate for 2010 at 74%.  Actually, when combined with the entire history of trades (since April 2010) we have finished positive at the end of each week over 86% of the time!

Today was a little tricky in that we barely ticked into the first trade of the day which then went south (our only losing trade of the week so far), flipped over by stopping and reversing us to a short trade which then stopped out due to our tight trade mgt rules for a break even (1 tick per position) result.  We quickly grabbed a GetBob short trade which had no problem hitting its full target.  Meanwhile, with price momentum increasing, we were able to add to that position, and got to within 1 tick of the add-on’s full target.  As advised in the traderoom, traders ‘traded for profit’ and exited with about 8 ticks per position, ending the session with a modest +1.3 gain but, an all new equity high profit level. 

We were able to grab +4.5 yesterday and that was on the heels of a HUGE Monday the 11th, where we were able to cha-ching-a-ling-ding the cash register for a whopping +13.1 points on just two trades!  Needless to say SST Members were estatic. 

After a gynormous weekly total to end June, gaining +36.8 points, which was in essense equal to a full month’s profits in just one week, we followed with a very modest +3.9 points for the holiday shortened first week of July.  This week however, we are back on track, taking full advantage of all the uncertainty and apparent macro changes happening in the world.  The SST LOVES the price movement and it has indeed put on a serious show for us this week, not only with the Russell eMini but with so many other markets as well.  Just on the Russell eMini though, we find ourselves up another +18.9 points already this week with just 12 trades in three sessions, with only one losing trade!

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2 Responses to SST Putting on a Show with the Russell eMini

  1. Andrew says:

    Please send more info I have developed my own 72.8% strategy for the TF starting Jan. 3rd. I would love to speak to someone thanks.

    • CoachTJ says:

      Andrew, thank you for your comment. Not sure what you mean by please send more info. There are many months of history and information on this blog. What exactly are you interested in? We hold live demos all the time and you can certainly get on the list to be invited to the next one. Feel free to write me back with questions.

      We will be holding a live training event in early August and an opportunity to get a copy of the SST as well. Of course if you are already making money with a good idea on the TF, as you stated, I would encourage you to not break what isn’t broke and keep doing what you’re doing. The SST is a self contained trade strategy that works across many different markets and timeframes. It does not require anything else. Many people try to add their own extra ingredient only to find that it not only wasn’t needed, but it didn’t work. Once you have a perfect recipe, you don’t need to keep adding ingredients. Perhaps you have found your own? If so, recognize it as such and let a finished recipe remain what it is.

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