Russell eMini over +$1000 Today; SST Pro Slam Dunks Winner after Winner Today on ALL Markets in the Traderoom!

Just because the markets are slow and we’re in the heart of the August Dulldroms doesn’t mean we can’t make money trading.  That’s kind of been the theme over the past several weeks.  Check out today’s results:

  • Crude Oil Futures:  2 trades, both winners for +.78; + $780 in 45 minutes
  • Russell 377:  3 Trades, 2 winners, 1 loss for +3.6; +$360
  • Wheat Futures:  2 Trades, both winners for + 4.25; + $212.50
  • EURUSD:  1 Trade, still going.  Currently in two positions, including an addon position with.
  • AUDJPY: 1 Trade, still going.  Currently with a guaranteed 12 pips locked in with the potential for more.
  • Russell 625 tick:  This is a slower, more patient trade.  Currently still in progress.  First target was hit earlier for +4.1.  The 2nd position has +6.1 locked in at this point and could go for more.  So far, a guaranteed +10.2 points for +$1,020.00!
    • Revision at 13:05 pm; This trade finally stopped out of its 2nd position at 790.3 and ended with a total of +10.6 points.  Currently in a 2nd trade, long from 790.2.  The first position has already come off at full target at 790 for another +1.8.  The 2nd position is still trailing and has a protective stop already in place at 790.4 for a completely risk free position.
    • Revision #2: the Russell 625 tick ended today’s session with 3 winners and a total of + 19.3 points.  The title of this post would read Russell eMini over +$2000 today, not counting the nice session we had with the Russell 377 tick, also.

I will post some videos of these trades live a bit later.  I traded many of these and recorded as many as I could.  I’ll show you the Crude, Russell 377 and Wheat trades and how I managed them as they progressed while calling them live in the traderoom.  I’ll try to have them produced and uploaded today but it may end up being tomorrow. 

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7 Responses to Russell eMini over +$1000 Today; SST Pro Slam Dunks Winner after Winner Today on ALL Markets in the Traderoom!

  1. Ken Cassorla says:

    do you day trade the ES?

    • CoachTJ says:

      Ken, Thanks for the question. I typically do not. The ES poses a variety of challenges that I’d rather not have to deal with. Mainly, hitting targets or entries, for example, and not getting filled. It makes it difficult to backtest for one, but mainly, we can trade the Russell and enjoy a very long winning track record (2.5 years now) and not have to put up with ‘waiting in line’ to get filled. The problem is once you hit your target, and you don’t get filled, then what? Do you wait? Do you market out? The slippage is much bigger due to the 1/4 point ticks so trade costs make up a much larger percentage of the overall trade potential, which really eats away at your bottom line. If you don’t market out at your target, and the price backs off 2 or 3 ticks, now what? You hit your target, you’re still in the trade, you’ve backed off a few ticks… Trade after trade.. In my view, you’re better off trading markets where you don’t have to put up with additional challenges. Trading is hard enough.

      That being said, one could use the SST to scalp ES profits. If on paper you have a high chance of hitting that middle target for example, perhaps you just set your target one tick before. I could see that working but I guess I would ask, why bother?

      We have very good swing trade plans for the SPY, and trading options against the SPY chart setups is a great way to go. We even have a member who daytrades the SPY using Renko bars with the SST Pro. Obviously with the ES, well capitalized traders can trade larger positions which is something worth considering, but I still think there are other markets to trade that aren’t as difficult that one can trade size with, for the most part. Anyway, that’s my take on the ES. I’ve traded it a lot over the years, but I’d prefer other markets for the reasons I just stated. What do you think? How do you deal with the challenges that I just referred to?

  2. john lamint says:

    email me when the video is up please, i’d love to see it.

  3. Johnson says:


    Can this be profitably traded outside of the US Session? I live in New Zealand and can only trade the London Open session. If so, what has the performance been like trading this session?



    • CoachTJ says:

      Hey Johnson, thanks for your question. There are many great opportunities in the markets outside of US Session hours and the SST Pro can indeed take advantage of them. Swingtrading is a great way to go. In fact, simply using end of day charts can be some of the most profitable trading. As you know with forex, daytrading is hot and cold and seems to go back and forth between the Euro and US Sessions. We do have many successful members living in your side of the world.

      • Johnson says:

        Hi TJ,

        Thanks for your prompt response. So with what you are saying: I am better of swing trading using EOD Charts … for FX Markets, correct?

        How and what do those succesful members living this side of the world typically trade when using the SST Pro?

        • CoachTJ says:

          Johnson, I think there are great opportunities with EOD charts. There are other swingtrade plans too. Weekly charts are also great, for longer term position trades. Very profitable. EOD stock, ETF and even Futures are great. Some Euro Session daytrades too.

          I don’t know what others in your part of the world are trading. We do have members in our live traderoom though, despite the hour, if that tells you anything. Hope that helps..

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