SST Pro has Been Loaded with Powerful Filters that Help Avoid Choppy Price Action

  • SST Pro Loaded with Power Tools to Increase Profitability
  • New and Improved with MORE Chop Filters
  • Take a Close Look at One Simple yet Powerful Tool that Prevents Entering Losing Trades

Hope you had a great weekend, after a very eventful and profitable week of trading.  Today I want to start showing off some of the power tools that we have built into the SST Pro Calculator.

We have loaded the SST Pro Calculator with tools that help simplify our trading.  It clearly shows us the trade setups, as you have seen throughout this blog.  What you may not yet know is that there is quite a bit more horsepower under the hood of this baby.  Some of the power tools that come fully deployed within the calculator include a set of trade filters that help us weed out undesireable trade setups.  These trade filters have helped us add to our overall profitability in many different ways.

We’re all about putting the odds in our favor on every trade, and the SST Pro is designed to do that.  But the price action of markets is infinitely challenging.  There are some patterns that occur that reduce our odds.  Sure, the odds are still good, but we trade to make money and if we can better our odds, or identify setups where the odds are not quite as good, then we’re going to react accordingly.  We only want to take the BEST setups.

After two years of using the SST, we’ve learned a lot about how this method works as well as ways to make it work even better.  We also have a very active Membership of experienced traders and we have taken their best suggestions and added them to the SST Pro, making it even more robust and effective than ever.

One of the very simple trade filters we have added is the “Mustard Line” which came to us from one of our members who had found great success by using it.  We conducted our own testing and concluded that it did indeed, help improve the results of some markets and timeframes.

Here’s a short video that will show you how the Mustard Line works.

We’ll be showing you brief demos of some of the other trade filters we have included in the new and improved SST Pro Calculator, amongst other things.  If we can mitigate and avoid just some of the choppy price action, than our bottom line is going to be that much higher up the profit scale and more profits make for happier traders.  That’s what we want! And that’s what we get with the powerful chop filters that come fully wired and ready to go with the SST Pro.  Check back again for a look at another one shortly.

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