SST Pro End of Day Charts and Swingtrade Plans; Treasure Waiting to be Discovered

My focus lately, has been to finally come up with a good collection of End of Day Tradeplans.  This is an area with huge potential and abundant opportunity.  The SST Pro is so powerful, it can make End of Day trading very easy and time efficient.  Everything is right there on the chart, clear to see and easy to trade. 

As I work more on end of day tradeplans with the SST Pro, I am getting more and more excited at what I am discovering.  I’ve spent so much time on daytrade plans and quicker swingtrade plans that the end of day charts have not really emerged yet.  But I am discovering that the end of day tradeplans might be the most powerful of all.  The futures end of day are eye popping but as you know, they require larger risk profiles and larger capital trade accounts.  So I’ve been focusing on Stocks, ETFs and Forex.  With those markets, you have the flexibility to put on the necessary position size to accommodate your available trade capital and risk allotments.  Remember, never put more than 2% risk on any single trade.  With Stocks, ETFs and Options, that is easy.  Forex, too.

My intention is to give you enough end of day swingtrade plans so that you have enough activity, month to month, while also being able to enjoy a strong degree of diversification, which will help solidify your overall trade results and profitable ‘growing of your forest.’  Diversification with a solid collection of winning end of day tradeplans will keep your equity steadily growing in a smooth and stressfree way.  Trading should be all about a better life, not being married to your computer screen with corkskrews for eyeballs.

This past week, I’ve been making serious progress.  Today, I announced a brand new end of day plan for the VXX. This is a great trading name for stock and options traders.  The SST Classic has an excellent 195 minute chart that continues to perform at a very high level, winning in the 70% range since it was introduced.  But as I said, I’m working on a collection of End of Day Swingtrade plans for the trader who only wants to review his or her charts once each day. 

For the SST Pro, we’ve got excellent end of day swingtrade plans for the SPY (S & P), QQQ (Nasdaq) and the IWM (Russell 2000).  The latest addition to the collection is the VXX and look for the list to keep growing.  This tradeplan has excellent backtest results.  In fact, it has won 80.6% since the VXX came into existence, and has won $1,134.75 per share, using this new tradeplan.  Options traders can lock down serious percentage gains with all SST Pro swingtrade plans, but this one is a very inexpensive option and is worth taking a very close look at. 

Stay tuned as I continue to announce new tradeplans as they are released.  SST Pro Members have access to all the tradeplans on the Member site.  If you want to learn more about these exciting tradeplans and the rest of the SST Pro collection of tradeplans, make sure to register for our next informational webinar.

You can still make money in the stock market!  Don’t be a ‘buy and hold’ investor person.  Not when you can easily use the SST Pro to TRADE and capture the MONEY moves in the best trading names.  Grab the money and then move on to the next opportunity.  With End of Day chart tradeplans, it is easy and low stress.


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