+50pts Russell eMini, +111pts Dow eMini, $730 Crude Oil

The SST continues to post amazing results across many markets.  The prior post recaps some of our recent Crude Oil Futures trades.  Here is a taste of some of the other markets that have been delivering the goods.

Forex too!  So many profitable trades it’s hard to know where to begin.  We’ll cover some of them in the next post.  The thing to keep in mind is how powerful the SST is AND, how easy it is to learn.  There are only 3 setups that we look for, the reversal, the basic, and the reentry.  The combination of those three setups PLUS the other 6 ‘summits’ as taught with our training materials and live coaching, works to create the super powerful and profitable Seven Summits Trader (SST). 

Make sure you are signed up for our big release this October.

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  1. peter moy says:

    Can not download the Dynamic Profit Generator (DPG) software

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