+13.1 points in Just 2 Trades ($1,310!)

Today in our Owner’s Club live traderoom, SST hit homerun trades across all the markets we follow, and even in markets we are not currently following.  Here’s a short video that will walk you through the markets that we did follow. 

In brief, the Russell emini posted +13.1 points in just 2 trades, $1,310.  Our crude oil futures tradeplan as posted in the Owner’s Club Website grabbed .89 for $890.  And finally, EURJPY was able to finish with +74 pips. 

Play Video of Today’s Trades

Meanwhile our stock trades are shoveling in truck loads of profits for us too.  You may have noticed that AAPL broke out to new all time highs today.  SST got us into that trade on the 15th, last week.  Our first position already came off at full target for a nifty +4.14 points per share.  Our trailing stop however is still in the trade and has pushed itself up to 280.14, locking in +9.93 and still going strong!  Considering we just finished a +33.74 point trade that began Aug 27th, we are up nearly 48 points if we were to close out our current position at our stop level, in just two SST swing trades.  And we are seeing this kind of explosive result on many markets and timeframes. 

Make sure you are on the waiting list.  SST will be coming back on the market sometime in October.

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