Picked up $1,800 this week on Euro Futures

Often overlooked, forex traders would be doing themselves a big service if they paid a bit more attention to other great trading markets, like Euro Futures.  SST gained over $1800 so far this week, trading a very tight and concise tradeplan. 

Don’t get me wrong, we love the spot forex markets.  The EURUSD has been excellent for sure.  The 5 minute chart has been very steady both during the Euro and US sessions.  In fact, GBPUSD, EURJPY, amongst a lot of other popular pairs have been highly profitable with SST, both on a daytrade and swingtrade level. 

This post however, is going to focus on Euro Futures, that is, the EUR/USD futures contract as traded on the CME.  This is a fast, active market and provides us with a lot of opportunity.  You could usually hit “Power of Quitting (2),” the NetPicks signature goal setting strategy, on most sessions and the trailing stop can really deliver the home run trades.  Best of all, for the busy trader who can not dedicate a lot of time to trading, this can be an excellent choice as we are typically finished within an hour or less.

There are a lots of ways to approach this market.  One easy way, is to take the TF (Russell eMini) tradeplan, as published on our private Owner’s Club (OC) website, and pretty much go with those rules.  We like to use our 3 bar stop technique after the our first position has achieved its target objective.

Another way though, is this variation that I like.  This tradeplan was just newly posted on our OC website.  It is one example of the many benefits you get from being an SST Member.  Each month we post up several new tradeplans, much like this Euro Futures plan.  We are constantly posting effective and profitable tradeplans which utilize the power of the SST for forex, futures, stocks, ETFs, day trades, swing trades, even longer term position trades.  Options traders have been nailing huge profits using the underlying SST signals.  That is, if there is a long on Apple Stock for example, aapl, options traders are trading call options against the SST stock trade setups.  In fact, one of our new members placed an options trade against aapl recently, and made in one trade, 8 x the cost of the SST!  But I’m getting off track.

The EC trades at $12.50 per point and with this tradeplan you could easily trade just 1 contract to the fixed target and do just fine.  The SST is designed to grow with you and your account.  It likes to put on multiple positions and to take advantage of run away moves in the market with a variety of trailing stop and trade management features that are both very visual and very easy to use.   As your account grows, add the trailer.  You will soon see how explosive trailing positions can be and the value of your account will begin to enjoy the supercharging effect that the ‘runners’ will give you.

Check out the last four sessions this week.  This tradeplan produced $1,812.50 and was finished within 1 hour or less (often way less) per session.  Notice that we took very few trades and that our tradeplan, which literally printed right on the chart, kept us tight, concise and managed our risk exposure exactly to the extent that we needed in order to lock down handsome profits.

EC Sept 27th

EC Sept 28th

EC Sept 29th

EC Sept 30th

Equity Curve for the December 2010 Contract, so far.  Note that our profits were actually quite a bit more because this curve does not include the powerful addon positions.

This is the time of year where market volatility will create many run away markets and the SST will put us in those moves.  That’s what it’s designed to do and it continues to prove its ability to do just that on many different markets and timeframes.  Make sure you are registered for our October release where we will be exposing the SST in full.  There will only be a limited supply available so register now so you don’t forget.

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5 Responses to Picked up $1,800 this week on Euro Futures

  1. Bill Gant says:

    Sounds like a an exiting program. Would love to examine it.

  2. Jeremy Nelms says:

    Mark, thanks for the blog updates. Some very quick background, and then my question…

    I am an original UMT owner. I am currently in Iraq, which makes the short-term, time-specific “in and out in an hour” trading impossible. Not only because of the fact that I will not be able to load a company or military computer with the appropriate software, but most importantly, because of the unreliable internet connection. I can’t have it go south on me in the middle of a trade!

    So, I am strongly considering working with a trusted person in the states to download data and send me screen shots of SWING trade opportunities. I can analyze charts and place orders that already have strict stop/loss and trailing rules that way.

    Knowing all of this:

    1) Can you please include more charts of some swing trades, both good and bad, based on SST?

    2) Based on this situationally-required strategy, what company/software would you recommend for the charting and trading?

    Thanks for your help!

    • CoachTJ says:

      Jeremy, thanks for your question. You could consider Think or Swim perhaps for stocks, ETFs, options.. Interactive Brokers might also be good if you wanted to trade forex and futures, too. With an IB account, you could trade anything from the same account. You still need a charting platform though and I typically recommend Tradestation because in my view, that is the best charting available. You would need to make a minimum amount of trades with TS each month to get that platform at no charge. So perhaps just going with TRadestation is another option for you. If you went with IB, you could sync it up with Ninja Trader which is another option for you. There are pros and cons for each.

      I’ll try to show some swing trade charts for you shortly.

  3. Stephen Chestnutt says:

    Hi, Your Seven Summits trader software sound good. On reviewing your blogs etc. I can only find individual says/weeks of good trade which are obviously positive. Do you have consistent results week on week for the currency trades?

    • CoachTJ says:

      Stephen, the weekly results have been very positive and consistent over many different markets and timeframes, including forex. Weekly winning results, if adhering to our training, our tradeplans and trading the SST method as intended, has been consistently hitting in the 75 to 85% range on most markets.

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