SST FX Release — TOMORROW! We are Excited!!

The Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde skitzo markets surged today after what the talking heads on CNBC have been calling the Worst September Start Since WWII!  Hard to imagine that, but apparently it’s true.  If you just tuned into the markets for the first time this morning though, you wouldn’t have known it.  The US Stock Market was on fire today and of course, forex markets moved a lot as well.

It’s important to have a trade system that can take advantage of the volatile swings in the market, whether up or down.  In the last couple posts, we showed you how we take a great trade method like the SST FX, and combine it with rules to create a tradeplan that guides our every trade decision.  With the entries, stops and targets dynamically printing right on the chart, and concise rules that we can follow making each trade merely a matter of just ‘doing it,’ trading has never been so satisfying and so simple to learn. 

 The markets are going to move a lot as we close out this very tumultuous 2011.  And let’s not forget that 2012 is an important election year here in the US.  That pretty much guarantees a ton of great trading market swings in forex.  Add to that all the other world events that will surpise and shock us along the way and hopefully you can see that there is a lot to be excited about.  Especially for SST FX Traders who will always have the odds on their side, with every single trade.

One thing for sure is that forex trading is going to be VERY profitable for those who can get out in front of the moves that are coming.  We’ve shown you over and over again how well the SST FX does just that. 

Tomorrow, we are going to show you the SST FX in living, breathing color.  And of course, we’ve cooked up a few surprises too.  Make sure you get yourself registered so you don’t miss it.

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