$1812 in 4 days on Euro Futures (another $662 yesterday)

As a follow up to the prior post, I wanted to show how the SST finished the week trading Euro Futures, a featured market this week in the SST Owner’s Club.  The trade plan we use to achieve these results is also available on the SST OC.  Please see the prior post to get caught up.  Here is the screen shot for Friday, Oct. 1st, the first day of the 4th quarter of 2010, and the final day of a very profitable week of fast, efficient trading; fast meaning that we were done with our session very quickly, one hour or less each morning.

Friday’s Euro Future Trades

Through Thursday, we were able to rack up a very respectable $1812.  We raked in another $662 yesterday, on just two trades.  We were done within 44 minutes but we did take a 20 minute break in the middle of that time span to let the markets react to two important news releases.  Our tight tradeplan allowed us to finish the week nearly perfect, only a few small losses, and an excellent winning result of $2,475!

This is just one market and timeframe.  There are so many others.  Over the next couple weeks, we’ll be posting up other markets and timeframes. The SST is so diverse that it is not hard to find the perfect market, timeframe and tradestyle (daytrade, swing or longer term positions) to fit your personal needs. 

Make sure you are signed up for the SST 2nd Release Event, happening this October 12th.  While you’re at it, grab yourself a free copy of the Dynamic Profit Generator.  This handy little tool has worked its way onto my main monitor and it has become an indespensible tool for me and my trading.  Enjoy it as our gift to you merely for taking the time to visit the SST site.

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