SST Delivers Big Again; Crude Oil Gains $720 in 40 Minutes

The SST with Crude Oil Futues, Forex and many other markets, continues to deliver homerun trades and record breaking profit levels across multiple markets and timeframes on a consistent basis.  We are just returning from our annual NetPicks Member’s Meeting and excited to put to work a lot of the new and exciting tradeplans that our coaches revealed this past week.  There are just so many great opportunities to trade with the SST.

This short video will cover some of our favorite HOT markets that we like to trade.  The results continue to dazzle everyone.  We’ll take a look at some Crude Oil Futures trades, Russell eMini, Forex (EURUSD) which picked up +135 pips today and some other super hot and profitable markets you might not have even considered.  Check it out.

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