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Hopefully everyone is enjoying the coming of Spring.  It seems the rains have finally stopped where I live and the sun is shining, blue skies above.  I love this time of year.  Right around this time I like to reevaluate what I’m doing with my trading.  My trader’s spring cleaning.  Are my methods still working?  What can I do to improve?  Should I even mess with it at all?  The risk of overreacting to short term setbacks needs to be considered and often changing an otherwise excellent tradeplan does more harm than good in the end.

How many times have you quit a tradeplan or method in the midst of one of these short term setbacks only to look back a couple months later to see that if you just could have stayed with the program, you would have exploded your account to new profit levels?  This is a reoccurring theme that I see all too often.  The more market time you get, the more time in front of your charts, the more you see this dynamic playing itself out, over and over again.   It’s hard to teach this because people’s ‘human-ness’ always gets in the way until one has seen it enough times to finally get their ‘light bulb’ moment.  But how many accounts need to be blown out to finally get it?  Maybe experience is the only way to learn this fully, to the point where it actually makes sense. 

Keeping that in mind, when I do my spring cleaning, I try to consider the bigger picture.  This is always a main theme to my approach as a trader.  Staying disciplined is not easy, and in fact, is an acquired skill that one actually needs to learn.  Again, perhaps experience is the only way to truly learn this.  But as I approach the end of my 3rd year of calling live trades, with all our members hanging on my every word, one thing that always comes to the front of my mind, continually, is the overwhelming responsibility to remain consistent and to produce positive results.  Hopefully, WAY positive results.  I can either rely on the system that continues to put the odds on my side, or, I can make a change. 

One question that comes up in my mind is, “what if I make a change and it is not as good?”  That’s a lot of blame I would have to assume.  I always end up answering that question with, “just lean on the system.”  And by doing that, I take all the pressure off of myself and I just let the system do what it does.  Make good things happen.  The odds that are on our side always swing back around and propel us to new profit levels.  As our accounts grow, so does our 2% position size and our reason for trading in the first place, to make money, actually materializes.

We’ve been following a lot of markets over quite a period of time now with the SST.  And while markets move in and out of trending and consolidating action, they still surprise, beguile, mystify and perplex anyone who is trying to figure them out.  That’s just what the markets do.   And I got news for you in case you haven’t figured it out..  They always will!  That’s why it is so important to maintain your ‘three legged stool’ as a trader; great trade method, excellent money management, and disciplined trader mentality.  And it is also essential to make sure your trader stool is firmly sitting on a strong foundation. 

I talk a lot about what exactly that foundation is and the precise step by step work that needs to be done to achieve it.  In the end, the simplest way to think of your foundation is just one word.  VISION.  It’s a word that holds a lot of meaning and significance.  If you can see what your trade method produces over a lot of trades, it will help you with your most important leg of your stool, your mentality as a trader (trade psychology).   The only way to really get this is to do the necessary foundational work.  There is no short cut.  Nothing in life that is of any value comes easy anyway, so this is just another case of moving through time and space, as we do with our daily lives.  Instead of doing this thing or that thing, we do the ‘ditch digging of trading’ thing and we create our strong foundation from which to build our trading success.  And it pays!  You can see it in the results. 

The SST continues to make great things happen across many markets, timeframes and chart styles.  Forex, futures, stocks, etfs, options..   The Seven Summits Trader.  It incorporates what we have deemed to be the 7 essential keys to trading success.

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