SST and SSTPro Futures Traders off to an Amazing Start this Year..

After an incredible 2011, 2012 has hit the ground at a full sprint for us futures traders in the SST Traderoom.  Crude Oil has not had a losing session, is up +4.10 already in just 8 trade sessions and has hit ALL Time Equity Highs again.  For those of you who don’t know, +4.10 = +$4100 using our out of the box, SST strategy, per the published tradeplan.  That’s with just a few trades per day, often finished in less than an hour!

The Russell eMini did lose one session for -.5.  Yeah, we lost $50 on a session.  But we have won on all the other sessions and it too has been on a sprint.  We are up,  +18.3 already this year, all new equity highs for the history of this tradeplan, dating back to April of 2010!  We have put the big +900 point level in the rear view mirror. What’s more, TF is winning a full 10% HIGHER than the 1 3/4 year running history.  We’ve maintained a handsome 67.3% trade to trade winning percentage since 4/2010 til end of year 2011.  So far this year, we’ve been on a 77.1% winning percentage.

Of course the trade to trade winning percentage is probably the least important stat to pay attention to, other than its ‘feel good’ effect.  So many inexperienced traders hand too much importance on that stat and fail to focus in on more important stats like (to name just a few):

  • Session win rates:  The TF has maintained over 75% since 4/2010
  • Weekly Win rates: The TF has maintained over 75% since 4/2010
  • Overall profitability:  We’ve amassed over +920 points without scaling up position size, since 4/2010 ($100 per point for those who don’t know).

Sure there are other important stats too.  But, they all only tell part of the story when taken out of context.  The three above tell the overriding tale.

Here’s a rhetorical question that kind of illustrates what I am talking about.

What’s better?  At system that wins 90% of the time, that was able to turn $1,000 into $2000 in 10 trades?


A system that wins 10% of the time that was able to turn $1000 into $2000 in 10 trades?

Think about it.  Let me know your answer and why.  It will be interesting to see what everyone thinks, and why.

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