SST and SST Pro Going Strong, Continuing its Winning Ways into 2012

I haven’t done an update in a while so I tought I would bring you up to date as to how we’ve been doing this year with our futures and forex trading using the SST.  First, let me announce that there have been numerous new tradeplans published onto the SST Owner’s Club; Forex, Stocks and Futures.  The latest additions include some tradeplans that were submitted by SST Members; Wheat using Kase Bars, which is very interesting.  Daytrading the SPY with Renko bars which is also very interesting.  I have also just published 3 forex swingtrade plans using 4 hour charts and I’m about to publish a 4th; AUDUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY and USDCHF.

As far as our 5 main daytrade markets that we are trading each day in the traderoom, we’ve had an excellent start to the new year.  Here are the summary numbers thus far, using the basic 2 position SST approach as we always do:

  • The Russell eMini is UP +30.8 points for the year.  It is sitting just beneath its all time profit levels for the year and for it history. We are getting close to the big +1000 point level, dating back to 4/2010.  This year, we are winning 1.6% higher than the historic 67.4%. We’re at 69% for the year.  The big number to be mindful of is that we are winning 80% of our sessions this year, which is slightly higher than the last two years.
  • Crude Oil Futures broke out to new profit levels today.  We are up +6.86 for the year so far, which is $6,860.  Today, we had a huge morning, gaining +1.78.  Crude is also winning 80% of its sessions thus far this year.
  • Wheat Futures are on fire, as they have been since we began trading Wheat.  We are up +51.75 Points for the year.  We are winning 66.6% but we are also winning 80% of our weekly totals.  Today, we took one trade which gained +5.25 points.
  • EURUSD started with a one step back this year.  We actually had losses during the first two weeks in January.  We ended last year with nearly +3000 pips of profits on very limited and controlled daytrading.  I’m happy to report though, that TODAY, we gained +70 Pips and that was enough to finally push us positive for the year.  We are now up +31 pips for the year and while it’s true we are off to a slow start, I suspect that before long, the EURUSD will be flying to all new profit levels.  It has been a very steady performer and I believe it will continue to be.  One characteristic that has kept us close to our high profit levels, despite being temporarily down for the year is that nearly half the trades have been break even/1 pip gainers.  That has prevented worse losses.  Actually, the EURUSD has won 68% of its trades this year.  We’re finally starting to hit full targets and capture extra with our trailers.
  • EURJPY (Using SST Simple) has been great this year.  We’ve only take a few trades per week but we are up, +328 pips and have won 70.8% of our trades this year.

I can officially say that we are positive on all five of our markets this year, even after trading through some tough sessions.  ALL our markets are either at all time profit levels or just a trade or two shy of all time profit levels.  The SST keeps on doing what it does.  Make Money!  Which is WHY we trade.  The SST Pro has made it even easier than ever. 

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s session.  If you have been considering the SST or would like to have a closer look, please go to where you can sign up for a free two week trial of our live traderoom.  We trade the SST LIVE, on the above forex and futures markets, each and every day.

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