SST a Big Success AND for Good Reason..

It seemed the SST just flew out the door today and for very good reason.  It continues to post amazing results.  Just today, our favorite forex markets posted very handsome gains.

EURJPY + 78 pips

GBPUSD + 109 Pips

EURUSD + 180 Pips

Nasdaq eMini + 7.75 in 25 min

Crude Oil Futures + 1.35 or $1,350 in just a few minutes after the Crude Inventory Report today

USDCAD Swing Trade wins 88 % over the past 3 months making 1,136 pips in just the last 5 trades alone.

These trades and so much more are there for the taking with the SST.  We will be covering these recent trades along with many others in the SST Owner’s Club.  Hope to see you in there.

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4 Responses to SST a Big Success AND for Good Reason..

  1. Moji says:

    Do you have any setups of what the system looks like on Ninjatrader? Ninja shows arrows as well will your system show arrows –


    • CoachTJ says:

      Moji, the Ninja programming is nearly finished and we’ll get some example up once it is. The trades will show up on the chart similar to Tradestation charts.

  2. Jamal says:

    Nice to see all the info but would like to see some metatrader pics or a video…I see that a tick chart is used is this prefered? Are there variable settings or is it right out of the box and install?

    • CoachTJ says:

      Jamal, the settings are variable and can be defined by the user. We also post ongoing tradeplans in the Owner’s Club with specific settings for each plan. We post for a variety of markets and timeframes across futures, forex, stocks and ETF markets. Some are daytrade plans and others are designed for swing trading. This is one of the benefits one gets from being a member of our SST Owner’s Club; ongoing new tradeplans. Also, access to the live trade room where we trade and train the SST.

      I’ll try to get some MT4 samples up on this site soon. We just posted several MT4 friendly tradeplans up on the OC site; EURUSD 5 min chart, GBPUSD end of day swing plan, and some range bar charts for other pairs. As an SST member, you get a script that allows you to trade range bar AND renko charts with MT4 which opens up a whole new world of great trading charts beyond the basic time charts MT4 traders are typically stuck with.

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