So What Sets Us Apart?

So What Sets Us Apart from the other guys? Click the Play button below to hear TJ explain what makes us a better alternative in a sea of ‘Get Rich Quick’ and ‘Fly by Night’:

Look, in this industry, you have alot of choices… but with over 25 years of trading experience, 15 years of education experience and a dedicated team of *real* traders supporting you (aka: the customer service staff you talk to actually knows what you’re talking about!) the NetPicks Seven Summits Trader Forex will work to go beyond your expectations.

We’re releasing the SST FX in a few short days here (on Thursday!), so if you don’t already have your Live Demo and Release Webinar logins yet, be certain you click the link below to reserve your seat today:

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3 Responses to So What Sets Us Apart?

  1. Dewey says:

    I am impressed and pleased that you can use this on multiple timeframes for those of us with crazy schedules.

  2. Jeffrey says:

    How does it work in a choppy/sideway market?

    • CoachTJ says:

      Good question Jeffrey. One that comes up alot. While nothing is ever going to be perfect, SSTFX does an excellent job and in fact, a lot of thought went into this one important part of trading. See the current post which describes how it works in choppy markets.

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