Slow Session but Great Results, None the Less.. Russell eMini Breaks out to new All Time Profit Levels Again..

The session started very slow, but the SST kept us on the right side of the market and called some excellent trades today, including winners on the Russell emini which took us to new trade profit levels.  Some of our favorite markets were easier than others, crude oil being the hardest today, but the end result was stellar across the board. The Russell eMini broke to new equity highs yet again and while I am not trying to sound like a broken recordl, the results from this amazing market continue to pile in.  We took 3 trades, winning two, and losing a partial loss on one, for a respectable + 3.8 points.  Yesterday we had about +12.7 so all in all, a fantastic start to the 2nd week of the 4th quarter, 2010.  In the SST Owner’s Club private website, there is a detailed video not only recapping the trades that were called live today in the OC trade room, but also, talking about some of the nuances and other important “trader” thoughts and insights.  I have called this market live, in a live trade room for 2 1/2 years; many thousands of live trades over that time, with a variety of trade systems.  My winning record is well known.  However, nothing has delivered the profits as quickly and consistently as the SST.  We hit +330 net points today since April 5th.  Last year, I had a 400% return with a simple money mgt strategy with the Russell emini which was posted on our live trade room blog.  Yet our result over the past 6 months, hard as it is to believe, far eclipses last year’s ( and the prior year, also a great year) results.  Never have we been able to deliver this type of result so quickly and it’s all because of the SST!

Russell Trades

I said that crude was tough today.  Well, in comparison to our trades since the SST went public for the first time, Aug 25th, it was.  We had to climb out of a whole and the winners had a hard time getting traction at first.  But, sticking to our trade plan did get us mildly positive with a + 5 ticks.  After commission we probably had our first losing session (we lost a couple ham sandwiches today) since Sept 2nd !! 

So, here’s the skinny on the Crude Futures market with SST.  Since going live in August, we’ve had 36 sessions.  Applying the tradeplan as published in the private Owner’s Club website, including the trades called live in our trade room, we’ve won 34 of the last 36 sessions!  Can that be real?  It is!!  We have won 7 out of 7 weekly totals and have amassed + 1881 cents or, $18.81 per contract.  What does that mean?  Well, it simply means $18,810 before commission.  Figure about $10 per position in trade costs if your using stop limit orders and once you subtract out $3240 in costs, SST netted over $15,000 trading the basic system in the last 7 weeks with no losing weekly net results.

Crude Oil Equity Curve

EURUSD 5 minute chart made 78 pips today during the US session.  Euro Session also very profitable!

EURJPY; + 36 pips

This is just a brief look at some of the markets we coaches and the entire NetPicks Membership is trading.  New trade profit levels are happening on a day to day basis across multiple markets and the Russell emini is just one example of how successful you can be by trading with the SST and by joining us in our live Owner’s Club traderoom.

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  1. Corrado Tiralongo says:

    Please let me understand how I would merge all the indicators from your course with Tradestation or nimjatrade.

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