Slow Holiday and Pre NFP Trading Couldn’t Slow Down Crude Oil FuturesToday

Markets are super slow right now in front of the May Day Holiday which many major countries (and a lot of minor ones) get to celebrate tomorrow on May 1st.  Let’s face it.  If we were lucky enough to have a Tuesday holiday tomorrow, would you really want to ‘show up’ today?  Or does a nice, well deserved 4 day weekend sound a bit more appealing?  And then, we can only imagine how the remainder of the week will fare, considering that Non-Farm Payroll, the biggest economic release of the month is scheduled for this Friday.

All that being said, while fighting to stay alert today on what proved to be a deader than dead forex session, our futures trading did excellent.  The Russell ended with poq and a modest winning session.  It continues to fight and scratch its way back to record profit levels.  It’s not quite there yet, but it’s getting there and I suspect before too long, we’ll be reaching to new profit levels, past the +1000 point level again and before too long, we’ll be looking to hit +1100 and beyond.  And now with our new 625 Tick Plan, our tools are even sharper.

Crude Oil was the star today, though.  It doesn’t get much easier than what we saw today.  Easy, typically methodical trading got us + .49 in profits.  And for those of you who don’t know about Crude Futures, that’s a nifty $490 in trade profits with our typical SST strategy of two positions.  Two trades — two winners, Done for the Session!  All in about 40 minutes or so.  Some traders decided to put a little bit of their winnings on the line and braved the add-on trade, which actually triggered in, while the reversal trailer was still in effect.  The Risk:Reward was excellent on the trade, having waited for the news release to settle down, before getting in sync.  That trade ended up losing -.12 per position. 

Those that didn’t take the addon enjoyed a +.49 profit.  Those that took the addon, ended up with +.25 which is $250.  No guts no glory!  Still, not a bad result for less than an hour’s worth of work on what otherwise could be described as a dull market, and that’s being nice.

See Today’s Crude Trades; Notice how the self-tuning nature of the SST gave us very accurate targets first putting us in a perfect short trade and then, after getting oversold, flipped us around to a perfect long reversal trade.  We go to the middle target with Crude futures as you can see.  Also notice how the SST Pro independently managed the stops on the long reversal (pink) trade while also giving us the optional addon (cyan) trade.  You can see how it moved the stop on the pink trade to cut risk and ultimately lock in profit while allowing the cyan trade the room it needed to develop.  It wound up losing but in the end, it only gave up 12 ticks per position.  That is classic SST.  Cut risk, get to risk free when it is appropriate, and exit at the high percentage fixed target while letting the 2nd half of your position run for a bigger profit potential.

I want to show you the exact same trades, but on a different day.  This happened last month.  This was almost a carbon copy of today’s trade setups but with a slightly better outcome.  In fact, there was even a small loss in the middle.  But notice the Red Short Trade that lasted only a few minutes.  It tried to reenter short but quickly turned around and reversed to long with the pink reversal trade.  Then the addon trade, just like we saw today, also triggered long.  The stops were managed independently.  Results were a bit different than today though.  Check out the pics below.

Crude Oil Trade of the Year Setup Pic (1); Notice how similar the setup looks

Crude Oil Trade of the Year End Result Pic (2); We took this trade live in the Traderoom.  You never know what is going to happen on any given trade.  We do know that the SST gives us great setups and puts us in the position to catch these monstors, whenever they do occur though.  This trade came out of a very slow market as well, but then exploded into what could wind up being THE Crude Oil Futures Trade of the Year.

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