Slow August No News Monday; Lots of Great Winning Trades

SST delivered a lot of great day trade results today despite the lackluster, low volume action.  This video walks through a number of our favorite markets, pointing out the trade setups and the resulting profits.  Each of these markets finished, profits in hand, with a minimal time commitment. 

The GBPUSD captured 97 pips.  The Dow emini grabbed 47 points. The S&P eMini also ended extremely well with +8.5 points.  Crude Oil made us +.46 ($460) and finally the Euro Futures Sept Contract was also unstoppable, netting a modest +10 points on its first two trades with lots of winners to follow.  One thing that caught my attention was the fact that there were NO losing trades on any of these markets before we were able to hit our basic Power of Quitting goals, two wins and positive.  Moreover, each of these markets had additional winners for anyone wishing to go for a more robust quitting strategy.  Especially crude oil and the Euro.  Check out the video.

***Click here to watch***

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