GBPUSD: $11,255 Net Profit Over Last 60 days!

Seven Summits Trader works with MT4.  While we typically do most of our studies and trading with Tradestation’s charting platform, MT4 will work great with SST too.  Especially with the special NetPicks Range Bar Plug-In.  Our engineers are still in the lab with the MT4 programming but it will be ready soon.  In the meantime, here is a chart looking at one of our favorite forex pairs, the GBPUSD using a .0017 range bar time frame.  The results we are getting are simply amazing.  This time frame works great for the Euro time zone, 2am to 5am EST.  We’ll be posting up some US time zone charts shortly.

Using the .0017 range bar, the cable has reach $2,404.00 in net profit, using our two position approach, 1 full lot each.  Boasting a very strong 2.76 profit factor over the past few sessions.  Looking back even further, over the past 110 trades (60 days), it has produced 82 wins which is a staggering $11,255 in profits.  Profit factor was a very strong 1.73, meaning for every dollar lost, it won $1.73.  It’s maximum winning streak was 15 winners!  This is typical SST trading with the GBPUSD.  What’s more, this is a range bar chart so MT4 traders can be rest assured, we have you very much in mind!

Finally, this screen shot will show an exciting new feature, the NetPicks Trailing Stop Indicator.  We love this indicator with the GBPUSD because we can set it to kick in just at the right time to take advantage of spike moves we often see in this market.  The ability to scale in and out of positions, going after high percentage targets and leaving a position on to trail for the big trade represents one of the important Seven Summits to Trading Success and it is built right into the powerful custom SST tool set.

This chart shows the last two days of trading.  We didn’t really have a lot of range to show off this indicator’s prowess, but believe me, it will present itself at the right time.  Nonetheless, we managed to win 3 trades and pick up about +115 pips to add to our tally.

Click on SST Screen Shot to see the last two GBPUSD Session results with a .0017 range bar setting, during the Euro time zone.  MT4 Traders will want to keep an eye on this one!

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20 Responses to GBPUSD: $11,255 Net Profit Over Last 60 days!

  1. Gillian says:

    when I first opened this there was a popup that gave me a free SST for a week..I don’t know what happened to it..but I didn’t get to sign up for it. Could you please send me the offer by email. Thanks, Gillian

    • CoachTJ says:

      Gillian, you must be referring to the free Dynamic Profit Generator. You should be able to sign up for that by coming back to this blog. If not, try it from a different computer or browser. SST hasn’t been released yet and there are no free demos.

  2. John Collins says:

    Lets see what you have for next week! Whats the cost of your program?

    • CoachTJ says:

      The cost of SST hasn’t been released yet. We’re working on the offerings now and all that information will be divulged at the SST release event. Make sure you get registered for it.

  3. Richard Wallach says:


  4. Lawerance Retman says:


    I am interested in your SST and would like to know if you plan on giving any copies out for beta testing from the public? I am an MT4 Trader and am tierd of getting scammed by everyone saying they have the best of the best. Your SST sounds like just what I am looking for.

    Thanks for your time…

    Good Trading,
    Lawerance Retman

    • CoachTJ says:

      Thanks for your comments Lawerance. We do not plan on giving out any copies for beta testing. We have already been in beta now for many months. This is not a scam and hopefully by now you know a bit about us. We already have very effective and proven trade systems and they were all priced extremely fair, too. SST is an awesom methodology. I just finished our live traderoom and called trades today like I do everyday, with the SST. We ended today up over +10 points on the Russell eMini and new equity highs again. No scam here. That was live in the traderoom. I do not blame anyone from being skeptical though and I believe one should do their due diligence. But we do put it out there live, at the right edge of the chart every day. Make sure you are signed up for the release webinar and attend the other webinars we are holding so you can get the information you need to make a best decision. I do realize as an MT4 trader, you’re trading forex. That’s great too. Some of our winniest markets are forex markets.

  5. Sari says:


    Sounds very reliable and interesting.
    When will you be launching your software?
    How much will it cost?

    Kind Regards,

    • CoachTJ says:

      Thanks for your question. The launch date is set for August 24th. Make sure you’re registered for it. The price will be announced that day. Trust me when I say that is worth a LOT more than what we’ll be offering it at.

  6. Tariq Awan says:

    I never did Forex before and would like to understand the strategies behind successful trading, I am new & would like to learn more. Can you suggest the material or web mentoring etc.? Thanks.

    • CoachTJ says:

      Tariq, obviously there are tons of things out there for you to research. My advice would be to get on board the Netpicks training and trade systems. SST is the newest and best so far so you’re getting involved at a very good time. Make sure you’re registered for the release event. We’ll be offering some great training programs to go with the SST, and that would be my top recommendation. Not because I’m biased (although I am, for good reason) but because we are a great bunch of trade coaches and Netpicks takes a very sincere interest in the success of their membership. Take it from me. I WAS a member before I joined their team.

  7. Colin says:

    Please excuse my ignorance, but what does “using a .0017 range bar time frame” mean?

    • CoachTJ says:

      Colin, your question is not ignorant at all and is an excellent question. Most traders are used to time charts, like a 1 minute, 5 minute, 1 hour, etc. The problem with those charts is that they are not dynamic. When the time period ends, the chart has to print a bar and start a new one regardless of price action, order flow or volatility. Here at Netpicks, we create dynamic trade systems that self adjust to current market conditions. So we prefer charts that are also dynamic, like tick charts, volume charts and range bar charts. A .0017 range bar is a chart that will print a new bar each time a 17 pip range is ‘broken out of.’ So each bar on the chart is 17 pips. During a slow, tight range market, a new bar may not print for a long time. When the range does break out, you could get a lot of bars real fast, if the breakout continues. It is not based on ‘time.’ It is based on the current market price action, and is dynamic. We have found this style of trading to be far superior. I hope that answers you important queston. If not, I would recommend googling the types of charts I just mentioned and boning up on them. It will open a whole new world of potential to you.

      • Colin says:

        Thanks TJ.
        I’ve been aware of tick charts. Although not entirely sure when to apply them (presumably short term day/news trading?). I can see they would clean up a time based chart – which alone may be worth pursuing. This leads to the next question – Why did you choose Range Bars instead of Tick or Volume bars? (or for that matter, filtered ones like Renko, P&F Etc?)
        What are the advantages?

  8. Len says:

    I live in Europe, will I be able to take advantage of your system during regular
    CET working days ? I’m interested in FX trading but don’t want to have to burn the midnight oil waiting for your system to tell me to trade.

    • CoachTJ says:

      Len, the SST is kicking butt during the Euro Session with forex and futures markets. Sometimes I want to move to Europe myself, to be able to trade that session in the am, and then come back in the pm to trade the US session. Living in Europe gives you the best timezone to be able to trade both sessions at a reasonable hour. There is a good chance too, that we’ll be offering some live training/bootcamp opportunities this November in Europe. Consider yourself lucky to be in a Euro time zone. You’re not going to need to burn any midnight oil.

  9. Dr LJB Scholtz says:

    Good day

    I am a UST and a HVMM owner.

    How dos this SST work with theses products ?

    Is it neccasary to use them all ?

    Thank you
    Lourens Scholtz

    • CoachTJ says:

      Lourens, the SST is a unique stand alone product. So are the UST and HVMM. They do not work together and are in fact, entirely different. The SST offers things that the UST and HVMM do not offer. It is a more powerful strategy all the way around. That’s not to say that the UST and HVMM are not awesome trade systems. They are, for sure! But the SST goes further. We talk about that when we discuss the Seven Summits of Trading.

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