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11 Responses to Seven Summits Trader Updates List

  1. raymond thompson says:

    What is price?

  2. dale says:

    will your webinar be available in a format that can be replayed at a later date I was not able to attend the thrusday event

  3. Anthony A says:

    Hello Coach TJ,
    I am a trial member of the signal service and interested in purchasing the SST software. How much is it (discounts?) and please if there are videos that could be watched to see all the different set ups in live action.

    • CoachTJ says:

      There are lots of videos on this blog. Just go back through the archives and you will find them. To see the trades in live action, tune in every day to the live traderoom. Please feel free to contact me with any questions at

  4. tony brisco says:

    Hello TJ, i’m interested in purchasing sst software and see that you have a live trade room, is it possible to sit in on your room and see the sst in action before purchasing? also could you let me know the cost. And also whats the difference between sst and simple sst? Thanks for the great educational videos that you have put together i enjoy watching and learning from them.
    I am interested in the sst because of softwares risk management feature, this is a must for day trading.

    Thanks again ,

    Tony Brisco.

  5. shelley Baker says:

    Is this trading software and… do you teach it in a live trading room? SB

  6. Thanduxolo Clement Msweli says:

    How much is the SST and when are u selling?

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