Russell eMini Wins 11 Sessions in a Row; Up + 3.1 Points Today and ALL NEW Profit Levels Again..

The Russell eMini continues to show why it is a market worth noticing.  It’s like the Little Engine that Could.’  It has become a regular story for us over the past three years but moreso now, than ever before.  We are well underway, trading our 2nd year with the SST strategy and the profitable results continue to climb.  The Russell eMini is known for its extended winning streaks and its ability to hover around its long term equity highs even when the markets get tough and uncooperative.  The disciplined trader continues to be richly rewarded.

Today was no different.  We gained a nifty + 5.2 points on our first trade and at $100 per Russell eMini point, that would have been a great time to stop for the session.  Many members of our traderoom did just that.  We have a very specific tradeplan that we follow though, which dictated that we continue trading.  Our tradeplan included a dynamic goal setting strategy that you’ve probably seen us reference a bunch of times by now, called the “Power of Quitting.”  Remaining disciplined to this tried and true tradeplan is what has continued to produce our long term winning results so we had to keep trading.  It wasn’t long though before we did hit our Power of Quitting goals and that had us stopping with a + 3.1 points and an all new record profit level trading the Russell eMini since last April of 2010.

See Today’s Russell eMini Trades; + 3.1 points

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