Russell eMini Update; On the Move Again..

After a tough few sessions last week, the Russell eMini has given us three winning sessions in return.  We may not have completely recouped, but that’s ok.  It will happen.  All in all, we are just a smidgen below our all time profit levels.

Let’s face it.  TF is a hard market to trade in general.  It is always challenging.  But what market isn’t?  ALL markets will go through periods of slow, chop and churn.  Then they break out and the wins start piling in.  We’ve seen it so many times.  Over 1200 trades and a 67% winning percentage!  That’s a statement!!  Don’t forget about the other part of the equation though, the 33% of the trades that lose.  Two steps forward, one step back.  Sound familiar?  

THAT is a winning tradeplan and one that will keep the equity growing in your account.  Be patient.  Be the Facilitator of your tradeplan.  Be the Operator of your trade business.  Don’t be the trader who frets the losses when they happen.  Don’t quit a winning tradeplan.  If you do, you’ll miss the winners and where will that leave you?  Won’t you just do the same thing on the next market?  Won’t you do the same thing with the next tradesystem?  It’s a no win proposition and a bad habit that you have to break!

Check out this Video.  Hopefully it will help put things into context a little better and help build your confidence up to stay with the Russell eMini.

To learn more about the SST and to watch us trade the Russell emini and other markets, in live time, don’t forget to register for our live demo happening this Tuesday, March 15th, 9:15 am est.

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