Russell eMini & Crude Futures; Strong Finish to a Great Week of Trading

The Russell eMini and Crude Futures both ended breaking to new profit levels.  The Russell had a stellar week, winning 12 of 13 trades (two of those being add-on positions) for another week that gained over 20 points; + 27.2 for $2720.  Since trading TF live with the SST dating back to April we’ve won 25 out of 29 weeks for a 86.2% weekly winning percentage.  During those weeks, we’ve won 107 sessions and lost 33.  We have accummulated +364.7 points.

See Chart of Today’s TF Trades

Crude Oil, not wanting to be left behind, put on it’s own amazing performance for us this week.  We won 10 of 13 trades for + 2.29 which is $2,290.  It too has been on fire since the release of SST in August amassing a HUGE + 21.75, + $21,750!  We have won 44 out of 47 sessions and 8 weeks out of 9.  It has won 70% of all its trades since SST hit the streets.

Today’s Crude Trades

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