Russell eMini Recap of Session that Potentially Gained over 19 Points

Yesterday, the Russell eMini 625 Tick finished its first trade with over +10 points which was fantastic.  It was a great time to quit too, with a one and done session that earned double digit gains (quadruple digit in dollar terms).  Optionally though, traders could have kept trading and as we have seen often enough, the Russell 625 can really get on a roll.  Check out the video below to see how yesterday’s session could have resulted in over +19 points.

Also, The EURUSD had another Power of Quitting Session today, going two for two with +21 pips.  It’s been slow, low range market conditions but the tradeplan, and SST Pro, being dynamic, are still identifying good trades and taking what the market wants to give.  Check back tomorrow for a video on the EURUSD where I show MT4, Tradestation and a nifty tool that actually allows you to ‘chart trade’ directly from your MT4 charts. 

* See earlier post today for more live trade videos, just below this post

Russell 625

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