Russell eMini; New Record Profit levels.. Less than 4 points shy of +400!!

The Russell eMini has done it again?  After a brief pause last week, that actually was a week that was doing great but then stumbled momentarily on options expiration Friday (no surprise there..), the Russell eMini has come roaring back with back, to back, to back, to back winning sessions; + 2.2, + 3.3, + 3.6, and + 8.8 for a total so far this week of + 17.9 points and all new record profit levels.  In fact, it has only had three losses all week with a great mix of longs, shorts, basic setups, reentries, reversals and of course, the all important GetBob trades.  Today was a breeze!  Two trades, two winners, +8.8 points, done in 11 minutes!!

It wasn’t too long ago when I was excited about hitting +300 points.  We are currently 3.8 points shy of the big +400 point milestone for 2011.  Is +500 in the cards for us before year’s end?  Stay tuned, but don’t watch it from the sidelines.  Need more convincing?  April 2010 to Sept 22, 2011 and the Russell eMini continues to roll along with a hefty 67.48% winning percentage, 78.69% session win rate and 78.95% weekly win rate. 

See Today’s Russell eMini Trades 

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