Russell eMini is On Fire Since Beginning of April; Today, + 10 Points!

While I’ve been focused on creating new End of Day Swingtrade plans for the SST Pro, I wanted to point out that the Russell eMini is really heating up again.  This should come as no surprise as we’ve seen this play out each of the last several years around this time.  Forget the fact that the Russell is down right now and selling off even as I write this post.  For us daytraders, who cares!!  It’s moving and the SST is catching the moves.  We all know that March was a tough month.  That too has been the theme over the past few years.  March has been a hard month, and then shortly thereafter, it launches into full recovery.

It’s been a strange year for the Russell.  We started the first 6 weeks burning it up and grabbing over +50 points.  Then, a most difficult March threw us into an extended one step backwards.  Well, that is completely behind us, a small dot disappearing in the rear view mirror.  We have completely erased the entire drawdown and are now sitting at all new record lifetime profit levels for the Russell 377 and new highs for the year.  I realize there are trade costs to consider but I suspect on a net basis, it won’t be too long before we reach to new NET profit levels as well. 

Today the Russell eMini racked up +10.2 points, $1020 winning 2 out of 2 and we were done for the day!

See Today’s Russell eMini Trades

If daytrading is not your thing, for whatever reason, I’ve been trying to emphasize the untold story of the SST Pro by focusing on its swingtrade prowess.  Some of the winniest charts I’ve seen with the SST Pro are the End of Day Swingtrades.  We’ve got a pretty good collection of them already but that portfolio is growing with new ones being added every week. 

What can be better than checking your charts once per day, putting on and managing high percentage proven tradeplans with a super profitable and easy to trade methodology like the SST Pro?

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