Russell eMini Hits New Profit Levels; GetBob Does it Again!

In the Russell eMini today, we got an unusual sequence of trades that found us putting our GetBob strategy to work on two trades in a row which not only had us trading for very little risk (two risk free trades in a row), but also, protecting those very risk free positions with the ability to still jump back on board the downward move that had us hitting our Power of Quitting goals very quickly with + 3.7 to end the session, and keeping our six session winning streak alive.  The trades were quite easy and manageable if you knew what to look for and how to execute the setups.  This is something we do each and everyday in the Live Traderoom.  This short video walks through today’s unusual session and shows how we ended the week with a most excellent +20.5 point gain, won 19 of the last 22 trades AND, hit all new record profit levels on the Russell eMini, for 2011 and since going live April 2010.

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Crude Oil was the other star, adding another .81 to our other winning streak market.  We ended the week with a strong +3.89 or in dollar terms, $3,890!  CL is also on a 7 session winning streak and in fact, has won every single trade over the same 7 sessions except one.  It has won 16 off its last 17 trades!

Forex markets were slow for us today with the major moves happening in our non trade times.  We did take a stab at two EURUSD trades today but we really couldn’t get any traction.  We took a loss on the first trade and hit a breakeven point on the 2nd trade but made a key level adjustment that didn’t hold for us, so we took a small loss on that one too.  We ended down 106 pips today. Still though, we were up +234 pips for the week and hit new equity highs since going live in the Signal Service, July 29th.

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