Russell eMini Gains +15.4 Points for $1540 in 25 minutes

Today, the Russell eMini made all time SST profit levels and is rapidly approaching the big +500 point level for 2011.  This short video will show you exactly how we did it:

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3 Responses to Russell eMini Gains +15.4 Points for $1540 in 25 minutes

  1. stephano says:

    Thanks for the update – been following for a while seems super steady and nice to see someone track a market a long time

  2. Peter says:

    What timeframe, or is a tick tick chart used?
    Obviously can’t be used on Metatrader.

    • CoachTJ says:

      Peter, MT4 is typicaly for forex so you’re right about not being able to trade the Russell eMini with MT4. We use a 377 tick chart but there are other ways to trade the Russell. Some people really like momentum range bars for example, while others like to use Renko bars. The SST can handle those charts as well.

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