Russell eMini Breaks to New Record Highs Again..

The Russell eMini keeps breaking out.  It has done so on every session this month and today, it did it again.  I thought I would take this opportunity to share with everyone a recap video that is typical of what you would find on our private SST Owner’s Club.  It not only walks-thru the trades we are taking in the live trade room, but it talks about the setups and trades in greater detail.  Also, you will get another look at the exciting ‘Get B.o.B.’ trade which continues to impact our overall results in a very positive way.

Today the Russell struggled at first, winning two and losing two.  The 5th trade was the breakout trade though, and that’s what wound up putting us on top.  On the 4th trade, our fixed position, using our ‘small trade rule’ gained +1.4.  The trailer kept us in for the bigger move, grabbing + 3.1.  We still were 1 tick negative, which caused our tradeplan to take another trade.  It was another small trade which had us reentering the market long one more time.  We invoked the small trade rule again hitting the full target.  The trailer got us 7 ticks more for a total trade of +2.7 and an end of session result of + 2.6 and, new record profit levels again.

See Today’s Trades

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Current Russell eMini Equity Curve for 2011 (excludes 2010)

Crude Oil also hit its ‘power of quitting’ goals for another winning session as well.  The video above will show you some of the recent trades we were taking in the Owner’s Club Live Trade Room. 

Today’s Crude Oil Futures Trades; + .53 = + $530

Forex trades also delivered the goods.  Here’s a look at some of today’s trades.

EURJPY; + 36 pips after spread

EURUSD; +106 Pips

USDGBP; + 67 Pips

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