+12.7 points in Less Than 1 Hour (Russell eMini)

The Russell eMini broke out again for a large gaining session this morning, getting about +12.7 points in less than an hour, and hitting all time equity highs.  The first trade, a short, went to full target.  The 2nd trade was a reentry that just couldn’t get any lower.  Instead, we flipped around to long and picked up a big +11 point move.  And just like that we were able to quit with a great beginning to a holiday shortened week. 

People ask me why I continue to stay with the TF when it can be such a difficult market at times.  It’s true that it can be tough at times but we’ve been able to muster up a long term track record over the years and now, especially with the SST, we are profiting from the TF faster and more steadily than ever before.  Keep in mind that just prior to the SST’s 1st release in August, we were sitting at about +256 net points and had gotten there faster (in a shorter period of time) then with any other strategy prior.  Now, about 1.5 months later, have gained another +70 points and broke to new equity highs today, + 326.6 points.  $32,660 before trade costs.  Apply our simple UTA fixed fractional money management plan to the exact same trades, and since April 5th, the account would have grown to $133,335 Net (after trade costs).  That’s the story!

Russell eMini Trades

Russell eMini’s Current Equity Curve

Lots of markets traded great today.  The SST keeps putting us in a great position to prosper across many fronts.  Here’s a look at a relatively simple Crude Oil Session.  3 trades, + .53 for a $530 gain on a quick session.

Crude Oil Futures Trades

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